Cabinet Storage Solutions

Cabinet Storage Solutions here is a list of some options you might be interested in.  Glass shelves, pull-out organizers, message board, iPad holder, pull-out and pull down shelving, spice racks and trays, LED lighting, appliance panels, bread drawer, cutlery & utensil organizers, cutting board, mixer lift, knife block drawer insert, recycle bins, cook book holder, roll-out and tilt-out trays, towel holders, toe boards, wicker basket inserts, odds & ends drawer organizers, core guard, adjustable shelves, keyboard and mouse trays, TV lift, pull-out pantry, Lazy Susan, hampers, fold-out ironing board, velvet lined jewelry drawer, toe kicks step or drawer, under sink baskets, vanity waste containers, pasta drawer/bean pocket, pocket doors, glass doors, scoop drawer, decorative stiles, applique, island posts, corner posts and mantels.


Accessories, adornments, utilities…  these are the nuances, details and subtle intentions that can make a big impact toward achieving your ultimate kitchen or bath.  Some may be just for looks like moldings, rosettes, corbels and other shapes and dimension,  some may help keep you organized and your room tidy… wine cubbies spice drawers, plate holders, shelves and other refinements hide the hodgepodge until you need it.  Enjoy pantries, appliances garages, tilt – outs.  waste bins and other clever camouflage cabinet storage solutions.


Organize your kitchen or bath with our great selection of cabinet storage solutions the perfect way to have clutter-free counter tops.  Designer Cabinets Lexington has been finding and creating innovative organization techniques to help solve this problem with all the options we offer for  cabinet storage solutions dilemmas,  from storing pots and pans to organizing a messy walk in pantry.  It is impossible without good design techniques.


There are no limits to the kitchen and baths we can help you design.  If you can imagine it, Designer Cabinets can help you produce it.  Our designers will help you keep it functional and organized.  No Limits!  Just Solutions!!!  For additional information call 859 278 1020 to schedule you no obligation Free Quote.


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