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Touchstone Fine Cabinetry 

Touchstone & Designer Cabinets Lexington -Makes It Easy. No Limits. Just Solutions.

The kitchen has a lot of responsibility. It’s the heart of your home. So the decision to makeover, remodel, or build a new one is a big deal. Touchstone Fine Cabinetry and Designer Cabinets Lexington would love to help you pull together that coveted space you just can’t wait to cook, relax, entertain and live in.

Literally, limitless styles, colors, tastes and emotions can be created and expressed here.  Choose from the wide spectrum of impressive styles we already make or originate your own look with custom doors and finishes.  Designer Cabinets and Touchstone Fine Cabinetry can help you achieve any atmosphere you want and provide all the functionality you need while solving any challenge your space presents.  With a list of your wishes, whims, and sensibilities, we’ll help bring your ideal kitchen to life as a gathering place tailor-made to suit your family and your lifestyle-perfectly.

You will find choices, options, and solutions around every corner with Touchstone Fine Cabinetry.  Using only the best materials, the latest technologies and the artful craftsmanship responsible for our furniture-quality cabinets, there is no kitchen we can’t build for you.  Traditional  or futuristic, rustic or shiny, popular or quirky or whatever you want your kitchen to be, Touchstone Fine Cabinetry can help you make it so.

Designer Cabinets is a authorized dealer for Touchstone Fine Cabinetry.  For an online brochure visit their website at Touchstone Fine Cabinetry